Authors You Met at the 2010 Latino Leadership Summit

There are the leadership books by the authors you met at the 2010 Summit.

Author: Robert Rodriguez

By 2050, Latinos will make up one-quarter of the U.S. population and nearly triple in number to 97 million. For businesses, this demographic shift means a larger Latino consumer market and a growing Latino workforce. Latino Talent presents practical strategies for companies that need help understanding and managing a workforce with an increasingly Latino identity and tapping into a booming Latino consumer market.


Author: Frank Carbajal

An inspiring collection of success stories from the country’s most prominent Latinos, Building the Latino Future offers and inspiration and advice for Latinos in any industry who want to succeed spectacularly. The future is bright for America?s Latino community; this book lets you learn from the success of such luminaries as actor Edward James Olmos, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former housing secretary Henry Cisneros, NPR correspondent Ray Suarez, and many more.


Author: Frank Carbajal

Spanish Language edition of Building the Latino Future.

Author: Federico Subervi

The Latin-American population has become a major force in American politics in recent years, with expanding influences in local, state, and national elections.  The candidates in the 2004 campaign wooed Latino voters by speaking Spanish to Latino audiences and courting Latino groups and PACs. Recognizing the rising influence of the Latino population in the United States, Federico Subervi-Velez has put together this edited volume, examining various aspects of the Latino and media landscape, including media coverage in English- and Spanish-language media, campaigns, and survey research.


Visión Hispana features the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

Visión Hispana, the East Bay’s bilingual newspaper featuring business, community, education and culture content for and about the Latino community, has published a feature article about the May 15th event titled “Success Summit, Latino Style.

Vision Hispana

The Spanish version of the article, titled “Conferencia Exitosa, al estilo Latino,” is also available. A big shout out to reporter Alan Lopez for his great writing, his time, and multiple phone calls to gain multiple perspectives. Also double thumbs up photographer Rigo Galvez who gets the photo credit.

What Attendees are Saying about the Inaugural Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

The following testimonials have rolled in since the May 15th, 2010 event. If you attended, please add a comment here. Tell us your key takeaway(s) from the Summit.

“The 2010 Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit was an excellent forum of Latinos who lead in their fields from small to large businesses and from public to non-profit services to their communities.  The range and depth of the ideas presented and discussed provided the one hundred fifty attendees with ideas for their own work-in-progress, as well as seeds for future ventures. This Summit and future such forums also serve to enable like-minded Latinos and others to connect with each other on projects to achieve what forum creator and author Frank Carbajal calls “Building the Latino Future.”
Gil Villagrán, MSW, Lecturer, School of Social Work, San Jose State University,

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