Dr. Robert Rodriguez Author of Latino Talent to Co-Emcee SVLLS 2012

With the 2012 Silicon Valley Leadership Conference less than one week away, it is with great honor and excitement that we announce Dr. Robert Rodriguez will be in attendance and Co-Emceeing with Frank Carbajal.

Dr. Rodriguez and Frank Carbajal, experts in latino leadership development and talented writers acting as emcees’ will surely make the 2012 conference a profound and inspiring experience.

Dr. Robert Rodriguez

author of Latino Talent: Effective Strategies to Recruit, Retain and Develop Hispanic Professionals 

Dr. Rodriguez is also the founder of DRRADVISORS a management and diversity consulting firm that specializes in enterprise diversity strategy planning, employee resource group optimization and Latino talent management initiatives.

Dr. Rodriguez is a respected figure in academia, business and race relations as his expertise has led him to play a prominent role in a wide array of fields. Dr. Rodriguez is an Assistant Dean at Kaplan University,  has published more than 25 articles on various human resource and change management issues. In addition he has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, a national non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating and nurturing professional Latino talent. He is a frequent presenter at conferences hosted by various professional organizations, including The Conference Board, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Diversity Leaders Power Conferences, National Council of La Raza and LearnShare. In 2006, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce named him a Rising Star among leading Latinos under 40 in the United States.  Many consider Dr. Rodriguez to be the leading authority in the country on Latino diversity initiatives in corporate America.

Collaborative Educational Resources

The listed organizations are collaborators and supporters of our 2012 Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Conference. These wonderful organizations are making integral positive strides in educating today’s Latino youth which will be tomorrows business and political leaders.
Please look at the links below to learn more and support these organizations.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund – Helping students get to college and graduate

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund believes that the country prospers when all Americans have access to the opportunities a college education can afford.  As the nation’s leading Hispanic higher education fund, HSF works to address the barriers that keep many Latinos from earning a college degree.

Hispanic College Fund Developing the next generation of Latino professionals

Founded in 1993, the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) is a national non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., with a mission to develop the next generation of Hispanic professionals. For 19 years, the Hispanic College Fund has provided educational, scholarship, and mentoring programs to students throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, establishing a career pipeline of talented and career-driven Hispanics.

The Hispanic College Fund has awarded millions of dollars, impacting thousands of students through high school to college to career. HCF has been recognized by USA Today as one of the nation’s top 25 charities and has twice received Charity Navigator’s top four-star rating for fiscal responsibility. In 2010, the College Board recognized HCF for program innovation.

Build Gala – Igniting Futures

The BUILD Gala celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of students in the BUILD program. This special night brings together BUILD’s students, staff, community leaders and Silicon Valley’s most respected entrepreneurs and tech professionals. The BUILD Gala celebrates the organization’s achievements and advances its mission to use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to propel low-income, disengaged students through high school to college success.

: http://www.build.org/page.aspx?pid=396